To Old Montreal Hot Dogs and Poutine

The Old Montreal is a classic American restaurant famous for its amazing hot dogs prepared with the finest ingredients, fillings and meat portions. Along with taste, we also offer you health. Tasty eating should always be healthy, fresh and affordable. Keeping in mind the importance of our customer’s health and pocket, we have created some of the finest delicacies for our customers.

Reading a lot about us will not satisfy your taste buds. How about coming down for a meal? We would be more than happy to serve you.

Our Special


Cheese dog

Italian hot dog

Customer Review

I enjoyed a great meal with sumptuous hot dogs and a host of other items which resemble a French fry served with dips and brown sauce. The taste still lingers in my tastebuds which makes it a great choice for me and my family. The staff is very polite.

Jeffrey Smith

The great Texas meal from Old Montreal is worth giving a try and I simply loved it. I will always recommend this place to my friends and readers who would be going through this website. Trust me, this is a wonderful place to have a great meal with your family.

Caroline Thomas

Today, I visited this place with my husband and had a great meal of succulent hot dogs with wonderful French fries served with their classic brown sauce. Oh, you can always take a soft drink to add a little more to this unique culinary delight.

Gursha Kaur

I went to this amazing restaurant yesterday. I found that the ambience was nice. The staff was well behaved, very professional and very welcoming. The restaurant was nice, clean and hygienic which I liked a lot. The food smelt and tasted fantastic.

Ravinder Shetty

From the very first bite, you will feel as if you are in an exotic far away land! On my visit, I took Brooklyn Classic burger! It was amazing. You can tell that the food is made from fresh, high quality and exotic ingredients.

Satya Satpal

My friends and I loved the food and the ambience here. The staff is friendly and professional, and the place itself has a classy feel to it. Let’s come to the food now. We took the Pile High Smoked Meat and Deli. They were mouth-watering yummy every single bite.

Russell Noble